National Board Renewal WLOE-EAYA

I am working on my renewal for my National Board certification in World Languages Other than English, Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood. I have been trying to find support groups and resources for the renewal process because I find the instructions to be rather vague and the rubric even more so. I do not want to waste time and money doing it again next year because I simply did not understand what was required. I am going to compile a list of resources here that I have found so far, and I’ll add to entries to my blog as I complete the process in hopes of helping others through the journey.

NBPTS Renewal Resources and Forms:

Instructions for the electronic portfolio submission. This part seems to be the most confusing/frustrating, according to what I have read on the Facebook group, so plan ahead for this. I got an e-mail in March with instructions for registering at the online submission website and how to get a code that I needed.

Electronic submission page–it may take multiple days to upload, so do not wait until May 16. Mailing the box was easier!

I filmed my classes before I read the suggestions for making the video a small size. I hope it all works out when I edit it!

Utah National Board Coalition: printable organizers to help you identify and develop your 4 PGE’s

More help with organizing your PGE’s

National Board Resource Center in Illinois: podcasts and printable organizers for Renewal Candidates

South Carolina’s CERRA has a Power Point for Renewal Candidates

CERRA also has training videos from 2012 and

Here is a CERRA handout

Resources from the Stanford National Board Research Center

PPT from a 2011 Conference for teachers in Virginia

Blog with resources and advice from a school counselor who went through renewal in 2013, including a link to a Yahoo group for renewal candidates

Arkansas Center for National Board Certification PPT from 2014

Renewal at a Glance! Beth Edwards, Renewed NBCT: The video has an automated voice, so it sounds odd, but the content of each PPT slide appears below the video and the PPT is downloadable

A Slideplayer presentation without audio for Component #2: It’s from 2012, so the videotaping requirements are a bit different (videos are now directly uploaded to NBPTS, according to what I understand)

Another Slideplayer (again, weird voice on video), this time for Component #3

I found a large number of Pinterest pins. My trouble with those boards is that sometimes I feel like I’m looking for a needle in a haystack, as the saying goes.

This is a Wikispaces page so it won’t be around for much longer, but it was updated in 2017, so I think the material is current

Facebook renewal group that is very activce

Pro Teacher has a lively discussion group, though the conversation is primarily around 1st time certification

This is from 2004, but it still appears to align with the 8 criteria in the renewal rubric


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3 Responses to National Board Renewal WLOE-EAYA

  1. I will definitely be interested to read anything you write about the NBCT process.

  2. Tammy Damasiewicz says:

    I would like to know how this process went for you. I’m going through this now

    • senorab72 says:

      HI, it was actually not too bad. I didn’t really get started until January, so I had to work hard to meet the deadline, but it was all OK. Uploading turned out to be fairly easy, as well. I was relieved to find out that I passed! The materials that I listed on the blog were helpful. I found that I had too much to say, so I had to edit down a couple of entries.

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