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Are you ready for AP Spanish Exam day?

The most challenging part of the AP Spanish Language and Culture course, in my opinion, is administering the exam. I’ll describe what I do get everything ready for the Big Day. If you have a kick-butt AP Coordinator at your … Continue reading

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También la lluvia

I’ve taught this film to my AP Spanish Language class, and I like how it addresses the idea of history repeating itself, treatment of indigenous peoples, and the right to access of natural resources. Here is what I gathered for … Continue reading

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Día Internacional de la Eliminación de la Violencia contra la Mujer

Una actividad para conmemorar el Día International del la Elminación de la Violencia contra la Mujer podría ser trabajar con la canción “Malo” por la cantante española Bebé. 08mateo-pdf.pdf      

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La película “Sleep Dealer”

En mi clase de AP Spanish Language enseño la película “Sleep Dealer.” Abarca varios temas del curso de AP, como la inmigración, la familia, la tecnología y los recursos naturales. Creo que también se puede incorporar el tema de las … Continue reading

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Resources for teaching HLL’s

As I mentioned in a previous post, there is currently a gap in materials and methodologies for teaching Heritage Language Learners. It is widely acknowledged that HLL’s have needs that differ from second language learners, but how that actually manifests … Continue reading

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National Board Renewal WLOE-EAYA

I am working on my renewal for my National Board certification in World Languages Other than English, Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood. I have been trying to find support groups and resources for the renewal process because I find the … Continue reading

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I think this would make a good topic for an advanced Spanish class, or a heritage speakers’ class. It could work in a high school ESL or Social Justice class, as well. I see gentrification happening currently in Latino and … Continue reading

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Games for Spanish Class

When I was out on maternity leave 13 years ago, I typed up a description of classroom activities for my substitute. I was looking them over the other day, and thought they might make a useful blog post for changing … Continue reading

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Free Voluntary Reading

I’m trying to find out what I can about free voluntary reading. Here are the fruits of my research:      

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El Salvador trip for teachers?

I’ve spent the last few weeks in El Salvador with my husband visiting his family, and I got this hair-brained idea that teachers might like to participate in a tour specifically for them. The fact that El Salvador doesn’t have … Continue reading

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