Resources for teaching HLL’s

As I mentioned in a previous post, there is currently a gap in materials and methodologies for teaching Heritage Language Learners. It is widely acknowledged that HLL’s have needs that differ from second language learners, but how that actually manifests itself in the classroom is not that clear. I personally think that approaches such as project-based learning, service learning, and content-based instruction would work well in HLL courses.

Here are a few resources that help guide teachers with specific types of activities that can be used with HLL’s.

Guidelines for instructional materials:

Scholarly article about the role of grammar:

Workshop handout about adapting and creating materials:

Mike Peto’s blog:

Strategies for teaching HLL’s from the Ohio DOE:

Links to lessons and units: and

Some teaching units:

Spanish Language Arts Curriculum Guide from NYC:

Teacher’s case study of teaching HLL course:

List of texbooks for HLL’s:

Adventures in heritage teaching:

A couple of Facebook groups for teachers:

My course syllabi:




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