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In defense of national board certification

Today I read a blog post on edweek.org in support of national certification.  I also read the comments at the bottom by readers, and there was one that said the process was too subjective, that this person has witnessed where … Continue reading

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Using Twitter for Structured Input

I learned a new term from the book I’ve been reading.  It’s called structured input.  It means providing input to my students that is comprehensible so that they can attend to meaning, but I also provide input activities that require … Continue reading

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Icebreakers as communicative tasks

Have you ever thought of using icebreakers as communicative activities in the world language classroom?  Not just as first day, getting to know one another activities, but as tasks to foster communication in the classroom throughout the year.  I got … Continue reading

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Thematic Units and Assessment

I’ve been a member of the FLTEACH list-serv for about ten years, and I am seeing patterns in the types of posts.  The same questions get asked over and over, and usually get the same types of answers.  One thread … Continue reading

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Deepening the Impact of Our Classroom Activities

I was asked by my state’s foreign language assocation to write a short message to the world languages teachers at the start of school.  Here’s what I wrote: As I prepare lessons for the first days of school, I have … Continue reading

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T.E.L.L. Project: Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning

At ACTFL I received a brochure about the TELL Project.  I haven’t explored it fully, but I am very interested.  It is a project still in development and they want to hear how teachers have been able to use the TELL framework to … Continue reading

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Is conjugation a dirty word?

At the ACTFL Conference in Denver I overheard someone saying that a teacher asked her, “Since when did conjugation become a dirty word?”  No one is refuting the fact that we must use verbs in their conjugated form to communicate … Continue reading

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The Evidence is IN: Drills are OUT

I’ve been trying to reinforce my current beliefs about language teaching and learning with research, and I came across this 2003 article from the Foreign Language Annals.  Bill Van Patten and Wynne Wong published their research about grammar drills.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Conjugating Verbs

This year I’ve been teaching subject pronouns and verbs in Spanish I within a communicative context, with students learning them as needed to ask questions (Do you…?), talk about self, and talk about another person or people.  I’ve haven’t yet … Continue reading

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Proficiency Testing

I wanted to give my students some type of external proficiency assessment to determine their level of proficiency at the end of each level of study.  Because of technical issues, I ended up testing a small sample at the beginning … Continue reading

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