Music in Spanish Class

This topic is so big that I am going to post on this thread little by little.  I was inspired to use music more several years back when I went to a conference put on by the Ozarks Foreign Language Association.  I’ve gotten away from music lately and want to bring it back.  Today I’ve been looking up some Café Tacvba stuff to use with level 1 because they are starting a unit about school.  The music video video “Eres” by Café Tacvba takes place in a school, presumably in Mexico.  I plan to show the song as the unit opener. I stumbled upon the following site that has videos of the lyrics for the students to read while they listen to the song:

Here is a very nice blog by a Spanish teacher:

I love these ideas about using music without a cloze exercise:

A teacher has music videos and handouts for songs she teaches in class:

Very cool site called Lyrics Gaps for students to listen to the music and do a cloze activity:

From the musicuentos blog, her posts that are labeled “music”:

Here are some links I had bookmarked previously:

Spanish and French through song:

Lessons using songs in Spanish:

Join the More-TPRS yahoo group to access documents in their songs file:

Great resources from Jason Paetz

A blog with a “canción de la semana”

Blog post by Kristy Placido

Señorita Barragán

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3 Responses to Music in Spanish Class

  1. David D. says:

    you might consider adding the song list and ancillaries of Tom Blodgett? to your list. He recorded and sold several items for use in FL (Spanish) classes that I feel are worth investigating and using… Most of which is useful primarily for spanish 1 classes but other levels also…

    Musicapaedia is the name, maybe you can find some links on youtube, etc. but I bought at the california foreign language conference one year.


  2. sragreen says:

    Thanks for the shout out!

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