Reading other teachers’ blogs

I’ve always enjoyed reading other teachers’ blogs.  I like getting a different perspective on something and mulling it over in my mind for a while.  I am currently reading a blog by someone who started TPRS last year.  He is a fairly new teacher and from my home state of Missouri.  It is interesting to read, and he feels he is finding success with the method and is in his second year into it.  His blog is  I applaud him for being a reflective teacher and experimenting with methods to improve his students’ learning.  It’s scary to take risks in the classroom, sometimes going against the status quo, and not always meeting with approval from colleagues for doing so.  At times I think, what if what I try this year doesn’t give my students what they need?  But then I ask myself, what are they missing if I don’t try at all?

I enjoy reading what Profesor Anonimo writes in his blog, but I have to admit, it sounds hard to do for someone like me to do.  I just don’t think I could pull it off.   I could maybe do a little story here or there, but not as my principal method.   I really don’t think the wacky stories are the key component per se; they’re just one of various means to an end.  The key is creating an engaging immersion experience through comprehensible input.  We each have to find that way to create a target language i + 1 environment that Stephen Krashen describes and that captures students’ attention.  One of the reasons that TPRS is appealing is that, when it is done well, is engaging to students.

Some other blogs that I recommend for discussion of language teaching are:

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