Reading and Vocabulary

I teach AP Spanish to heritage and native Spanish speakers, and the biggest struggles for them are vocabulary and reading. I have gathered resources for practicing vocabulary and pre/during/post reading activities that are appropriate for all levels of language learners.  Here are the links:

Vocabulary practice

“kick me” activity

$10,000 Pyramid

I have an example using the poem “Balada de los dos abuelos” that I made at

balada dos abuelos wordlebalada dos abuelos wordle

With this wordle, I could do the following activities, to name a few.

1. Before reading the poem, students guess what it is about by looking at the words, and the frequency of certain words (the bigger they are, the more often they are used.)

2. Students write their own original sentences by picking 2 words at a time.

3. Student choose words that they do not know for the class to learn before reading the poem.

4. Students do the “dump and clump” sorting activity with the words, as mentioned in the “Let’s talk about vocabulary” PPT listed above.

Reading activities and

As an example, here are a couple of reading comprehension activities to review part of the story “Las medias rojas.”  The second activity is called “report cards” from the document at the literacy4life wiki listed above.

medias rojas

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9 Responses to Reading and Vocabulary

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  2. ahhhpoetry says:

    Muchísimas gracias por todos estos enlaces útiles.

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  7. Martha A Rodriguez says:

    Gracias por compartir estos recursos y por el animo que inspira.

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