Pecha Kucha for World Languages

I just attended a session by Maritza Sloan at the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages in St. Louis, and she showed us how she uses Pecha Kucha in her AP Spanish classroom. I had heard of Pecha Kucha and have been wanting to think of a way to do it. I have always thought of it as a presentation, but Maritza presented it as a partner activity. I put together a Pecha Kucha template of 10 slides for images and set the slides for 20 seconds each. I also included the instructions as Maritza explained. Feel free to use if you can. I am also including a Pecha Kucha that I made to try out with the theme Ciencia y Tecnología.

Here is an explanation of Pecha Kucha:

The template: Pecha Kucha template

Pecha Kucha for Ciencia y Tecnología: Pecha Kucha ciencia tech

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