Película: Mar adentro

This year I showed the film “Mar adentro” for the first time. I used it with my heritage Spanish speakers.  The students and I enjoyed the film, and it led to some good discussions about quality of life and how much of our identity is tied to our physical selves.  We watched it in Spanish with the Spanish subtitles because the Galician accent is hard to understand at times. For non-natives, I think the English subtitles would be required.Here are the resources I found online to use with the film.

Film pre-viewing activity

“Cine en clase: Mar adentro”

“Una lectura de cine”

Film questions and euthanasia theme

Mar adentro and debate activity

“La carta de Julia”

My adaptation of “La carta de Julia” to hand out to students La carta de Julia activity

First chapter of Ramon Sampedro’s book “Cartas desde el infierno”

Mar adentro and expressing opinions

Film guide with activities

Unidad didáctica “Mar adentro”

Movie trailer listening comprehension activity

Several resources for film at

Discussion questions that I wrote mar adentro discussion questions

Quick activity to review of the film characters Repaso de personajes Mar adentro

Infographic in English about assisted suicide in the United States

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