I will be teaching AP Spanish Language for the first time this fall, and have been learning all I can about the exam.  I have training in a couple of weeks.  On the current exam, there are two sections where the students have to synthesize information from written and oral texts into presentational writing and speaking tasks.  I used to teach IB, and the new test will have a similar assessment where students take information from three written texts and create a written product.  I have been thinking of ways to practice these types of assessments with my students.  It is not a type of presentational assessment that will come naturally to them; it is something that they will have to be trained to do. 

I have an article that I found in “People en Español” that is about Jordan Romero, the youngest person to climb Mount Everest.  I thought I would use is as part of a unit called “Metas y Desafíos.”  That unit has yet to materialize, but I have found a use for the article.  I want to use it and a recent reading from the “Veinte Mundos” online magazine about rescue workers at Aconcague, the highest peak in South America. I would like to have the students read the two texts and create a written product.  For the AP exam, it appears that it is always an essay question, so I will write one for them to answer.  For the IB exam, the students choose the text type, so I would suggest a series of diary entries about a journey up a mountain, or perhaps an interview with a climber or rescuer.  I would like find a third text, such as advice for those wanting to take up mountain climbing.  Or perhaps I can find a related video on Youtube.

Here is an article online about Jordan Romero:

Here is the article about the rescue workers at Aconcagua in South America:

 I found TEDx talk on Youtube in English with Jordan Romero, but I can’t hear the audio for some reason.  I’ll have to keep looking!

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  1. Kara says:

    I just read the AP Spanish Listening information on Collegeboard for a research paper and found it very helpful! I made a few “generic” listening activities that I’ll be posting soon on CLC. Can’t wait to see what you come up with from the training. 🙂

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