Do Now Activities

I will be teaching a new school this fall, which means learning new terms.  Instead of having learning objectives, I will have aims.  Instead of warm-up activities, I will have do now activities.  I had no idea what a “do now” was, so I had to do some investigating.  I found some creative ideas for do now activities, and I thought I would share them here.

I think the key thing I read was that the “do now” should be engaging to the learner; it should be something that piques the students’ interest.  I especially liked one idea that suggested putting a quote on the board and asking the students to reflect on it.  I just read “El alquimista” and there are some very interesting lines in it that I could use.  I believe an unusual photo or artwork would also be a good starter, or maybe a piece of realia from the target culture. 

The following article is a more philosophical look at the “do now” and what the writer calls a “hook.”  I love education jargon. 🙂

If I understand correctly, a “do now” should be tied directly to the day’s learning aims.  In the past, I have not been that specific with my warm-up activities.  They might be review from a previous unit, or simply something fun related to the target language.  I will have to be more deliberate with my starter activities from now on.

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