saber, conocer, y más

I need to get some irregular present tense verbs introduced in level 1 before sending the students off to level 2.  I want to keep the verbs in context as much as possible, so today I created a couple of activities to focus the students’ attention on saber and conocer, the verbs “to know” in Spanish. 

The first activity features a short clip from Saturday Night Live that you may have seen called “La Policía Mexicana.”  By now the students have learned almost all the words in the video, and in the video they say “no sé” several times.  It is also a pretty entertaining skit that pokes some fun at how Spanish classes typically operate.  I am hoping the students will feel good about how much Spanish they know from the video.  As an extension activity, I could have students make a similar skit on their own, or give them the outline of the original skit and have them change the details.


The second activity features a website in Spanish for the movie “The Hunger Games.”  I am going to use the first 5 slides of this presentation with level 1, then use the readings that I found on various websites with my level 4 students.

los juegos del hambre pelicula

I designed the activities to focus mostly on input and practicing vocabulary.  I also wanted to tie the information to students’ life experience.  I’ll see tomorrow how they go.  My level 1 classes this year are non-IB track kids, so capturing and maintaining their attention is more of a challenge, but I like challenges. 🙂

P.S.  I did the two activities with my classes, and the most successful part of the Policia Mexicana was the Scattergories activity.  The kids were very engaged, and even asked to play it again.  I wouldn’t use it a lot, but it is a decent vocabulary review. 

The students did well with the “Juegos del hambre” activity, though I figured out after the 2nd class that I should play a movie trailer in English (with Spanish subtitles) for students to get at least some background information in order to answer some of the questions.  Those who knew nothing of the book or film got bored with writing “no sé” every time.  It went better for the next 2 classes.  I found a good 3-minute trailer with several bits of information at


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  1. Loly says:

    Hola, I’m working on saber and conocer with my class, or will be soon. I was wondering what sorts of activities you initiated with “Los juegos del hambre”. Thank you for putting this out there!

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