Make Beliefs Comix

I have never had students create comic strips in class even though I have heard of it often.  I think it is because I had in my head that the comic had to be funny, and I thought it would be difficult for studens to create funny situations with whatever we were studying at the time.  I am warming up to the idea, however, realizing that the word “comic” can be used loosely to basically mean a dialogue in comic strip format.  I still have not had students create the comics yet, but I did create some comic strips at Make Beliefs Comix for students to fill in the last speech bubble.  All of the scenarios are inviting someone to do something, but they decline the invitation and tell what they are going to do instead based on the excuse I wrote in the comic strip.  I’ll see how it goes tomorrow; maybe I’ll have the students create their own comic strips as the next step.

Here are the comics I created.  As you can probably see from my work, I got more experienced with the site and its features as I went along. 

Fill in the talk bubbles with what the person is going to do based on the situation

The Comix website also recently added printables in English that encourage thinking and writing.  Language teachers can translate to the language they teach for use in class.  The ones that I read were creative and thought-provoking, and I hope to use some of them soon.




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