A Escribir: Treinta Días de Poesía

Years ago I came across a site called “Thirty Days of Poetry” where a communication arts teacher (for my generation, read “English” teacher :)) posted 30 different types of poems for her students to write.  I chose a few and adapted them for my Spanish class.  My students wrote simple poems in Spanish using the information from the site to guide them.  I like creativity and visuals, so the students had to make the poem visually pleasing as well.  I was very pleased with the results.  One year I asked the students to write a poem specifically about nature since that was a theme of our unit.  Another year I did it as part of a unit where we read poetry in an upper level class.  The original site for “Thirty Days of Poetry” is no longer working, but someone has put the information into a Word document that you can find at:


I came across this site as well:


Here are a couple of poems that my students created:

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