Qué quieres hacer en España?

I want to share with you a partner activity that I created for the beginning of Spanish II when we were reviewing present-tense verbs and talking about our daily lives before moving into a travel unit and the preterite tense.  This activity targets the verb “to want” within in the context of what activities they want to do in Spain.  The activity also serves to introduce the students to Spanish culture.

Qué quieres hacer en España

I am going to create an activity in the same format for level 1 that focuses on what students do in their free time to get them familiar with the new vocabulary we are working with and practice present tense verb conjugations.  I realize that this activity is pretty much a verb drill, trying to elicit all forms of the verb conjugations.  I’ve been experimenting with a more comprehensible input approach versus the skill building (drill and practice) approach, but as the school year is coming to an end, I realize that the reality, for me at this point at least, is that I have to do both.  My other goal with this activity was to infuse some culture and personalization on the part of the students.

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