César Chávez

Several years ago I read a great FLTEACH post by Cherice Montgomery where she described a thematic unit about César Chávez, activist for the rights of migrant workers in the United States.  I’ve always wanted to do a similar thematic unit but haven’t yet done it.  I think the short story “Cajas de cartón” would work well with the story of César Chávez.  I’ll use this space to post some things.  For my IB teaching colleagues, I believe a unit on Chávez and Cajas de Cartón would fit under the theme Global Issues, addressing migration.

Resultado de imagen para once social change begins







Cherice Montgomery’s resources:


Cherice’s post on FLTEACH about her thematic unit:


Free DVD and teacher’s guide:


Information from the Library of Congress:


PBS documentary:


A biography of Cesar Chavez in graphic novel form that is at a 3-4th grade reading level in Spanish


Another biography at a 3-4th grade reading level in Spanish


If you have a subscription to “Reading A-Z”



Leveled readings at Newsela in Spanish, including Dolores Huerta


Movie guides for the 2014 film “César Chávez”



There is also a Dolores Huerta film coming out https://www.doloresthemovie.com/

Resources in English and Spanish for teaching César Chávez


Brief biography in Spanish with questions, for free


“Cajas de cartón” learning module


Explanation of the “Bracero Program” mentioned in the story


An IPA sold by Teachers’ Discovery https://www.teachersdiscovery.com/product/cesar-chavez-intermediate-high-spanish-ipa-pack-download/spanish

Teachers’ Discovery sell the César Chávez film and has its own movie packet


“El canto de las palomas” children’s book resources about migrant workers







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5 Responses to César Chávez

  1. Cherice Montgomery says:

    Imagine my surprise when I happened upon this blog post by chance tonight! I am excited to explore the resources you’ve listed. If you ever do create the unit, I would love to have a link to it that I could share with my student teachers. 🙂

  2. Kathryn Deacon says:

    Did you end up using the graphic novel on Cesar Chavez? I would like to use this but have no idea of the quality since I cannot find any reviews on Amazon or the internet. What level Spanish would you recommend the graphic novel for and how many pages is it?

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