César Chávez

Several years ago I read a great FLTEACH post by Cherice Montgomery where she described a thematic unit about César Chávez, activist for the rights of migrant workers in the United States.  I’ve always wanted to do a similar thematic unit but haven’t yet done it.  I think the short story “Cajas de cartón” would work well with the story of César Chávez.  I’ll use this space to post some things.  For my IB teaching colleagues, I believe a unit on Chávez and Cajas de Cartón would fit under the theme Global Issues, addressing migration.

Cherice Montgomery’s resources:


Cherice’s post on FLTEACH about her thematic unit:


Free DVD and teacher’s guide:


Information from the Library of Congress:


PBS documentary:


“Cajas de cartón” text with audio


“Cajas de cartón” learning module


Explanation of the “Bracero Program” mentioned in the story


A biography of Cesar Chavez in graphic novel form



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3 Responses to César Chávez

  1. Cherice Montgomery says:

    Imagine my surprise when I happened upon this blog post by chance tonight! I am excited to explore the resources you’ve listed. If you ever do create the unit, I would love to have a link to it that I could share with my student teachers. 🙂

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