Las Rebajas

The stores in Spain have large sales called rebajas each January and July.  I like to use this theme with a shopping unit.  I take this opportunity to talk about El Corte Inglés, a department store in Spain.  I also got inspiration from a Scholastic article to talk about being consumista–being materialistic or a shopaholic.  Another interesting concept related to the rebajas is the “dia sin compras” that is supposed to be November 25 or 26, depending on the source.  If you do a Google image search for “rebajas” and “dia sin compras” you’ll find nice graphics.

This activity is not specifically for the rebajas, but incorporates ordinal numbers and the directory for the Corte Inglés in Sabadell, a  suburb of Barcelona.  The story directory can be found at  And here is the activity I created to accompany it:

corte ingles store directory questions

El Corte Inglés:  During the rebajas they have information on their site.

Commercials for the rebajas by El Corte Inglés

TECLA reading “Comprar nos gusta demasiado” about the rebajas

Another TECLA reading “Locos con las rebajas”

Día sin compras:

Eres adicto a las compras?  Good article for intermediate students

News reports about rebajas

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