Traditional dress hits the pasarela

I greatly enjoy seeing how traditional clothing and high fashion intersect.  In level 3 the textbook has a chapter on clothing so students can learn more “advanced” ways of talking about clothes and had some grammar that had little to do with talking about clothing, like the future tense to express probability.

I decided to talk about traditional clothing in order to make the theme more interesting, yet at the same time make students understand that not all Spanish speakers dress that way.  I know I mention Scholastic magazine a lot, but I get some good ideas from those little things.  One of them had a short reading about how the traditional Chola dress from Bolivia was hitting the runway in Europe.  I searched the internet and found an article about a Miss Cholita beauty contest. On that same page is a link in the top right corner to a video about the chola dress being featured in a fashion show by a Bolivian designer.

Here is an article and photos about the fashion show.

Today I saw that flamenco dress is also inspiring clothing designers.,sobre,pasarela,107279,02,2010.html

Speaking of fashion, I admire the work of Carolina Herrera, who is originally from Venezuela.  There is a good interview and a lesson plan at the following site.  You’ll have to scroll down to where it says “Entrevista con Carolina Herrera” for the audio and PDF.  The interview includes a number of expressions like gustar.

Something related to fashion that hit the news in 2006 was Madrid’s fashion week (Pasarela Cibeles) because they decided that all models who participated had to meet a certain minimum body mass index.  This could be an interesting topic for discussion and debate in an upper level class.

Here is a novice level reading about traditional Mayan dress in Guatemala.

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