Dakar Rally

For the last several years the Dakar Rally has taken place in South America.  It is taking place now in Argentina, Chile, and Peru.  Scholastic’s Que Tal magazine has a short article for first year Spanish students.  With the Scholastic subscription I can download a PDF of an article and a worksheet online, which is handy.  Here is a Power Point I created for my students.  It includes a great video I found on Youtube.  I was going to use just the Power Point, then I found the Scholastic article, so we’ll use both in class.


Today I taught the Dakar Rally lesson in level 1.  I should have waited on the Scholastic article because it had some verbs they are supposed to be learning now.  There was just too much unfamiliar vocabulary.  So I told the students about the event using the photos and the information in the Power Point.  I then listed some adjectives that are opposites in columns.  Some were review and others they had to figure out from looking at their opposite.  Once we went over the vocabulary I asked them to choose which adjectives describe the Rally and its participants.  Here is the newer version of the Power Point:

Dakar rally

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