Using Twitter for Structured Input

I learned a new term from the book I’ve been reading.  It’s called structured input.  It means providing input to my students that is comprehensible so that they can attend to meaning, but I also provide input activities that require them to attend to form so that they acquire structures they need in order to create output.

A couple of tweets on Twitter promote searching for specific hash tags to find comprehensible input for a particular topic or structure.  For example, @SECottrell suggests searching for #LaNavidadAntesEraMejorPorque to find examples of the imperfect tense.  For tweets in Spanish related to basketball, @SenorG recommends #Basquet.  And @ZJonesSpanish created a worksheet based on the hash tag #propósitos2012 in order to practice the future tense, which you can find at

I wish I were that creative!

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