In the news

The next chapter I am supposed to teach from the textbook for level 2 is about the news.  The vocabulary relates to the news on television and in the newspaper.  I am also supposed to teach demonstrative adjectives and pronouns as well as stem-changing -ir verbs in the preterite and preterite verbs with spelling changes such as leer and caer.

I really want to teach about art, a theme that I neglected during the last chapter.  I am also into this Celia Cruz biography idea I got from Barbara Cartford to review and expand on the preterite tense.  So, I am thinking of ways to present information about art and famous people in the form of news events.  I am imagining moments in Celia’s life as newspaper headlines.  This lead me to a fantastic Power Point template that is an editable collage of newspaper headlines.  There are other newspaper related templates at the site as well.  Download it free at

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