El premio gordo

The online magazine Veinte Mundos for learning and practicing Spanish has a new issue out.  It is about Spain’s Christmas lottery.  There is also a video included.  Check it out at http://www.veintemundos.com/magazines/37-en/

I usually talk about Spain’s Christmas lottery in Spanish IV when we read a short story called “El décimo” by Emilia Pardo Bazán.  I believe the version that we read comes from a textbook called Album.  Here are some Christmas lottery resources.

These are online listening comprehension activities from a website that I use frequently:



Youtube has commercials about the Christmas lottery in Spain.  I really like the old commercials with the bald man.  As an intro to the short story, I play a commercial without the sound and ask the students to figure out what it is advertising.  Here is an example:


I also enjoy this commercial by another Spanish lottery sponsered by O.N.C.E.  It is subtitled in English.


Activities I found using ELE as my search words (Español como Lengua Extranjera):




Someone describing the lotería de navidad on the site audio-lingua:


A “lamina” about the lotería de navidad:


reading from the magazine TECLA:


A reading comprehension activity with people telling what they would do if they won the premio gordo:


Here are images of lottery tickets and some discussion questions I wrote:

decimo sit comm

Here is a site in English explaining the loteria:


This is a numbers practice activity I did with level 1 using lottery tickets from various Spanish-speaking countries:

lottery partner activity

Lots of Christmas in Spain links:


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