Running of the Bulls

I was researching the Festival de San Fermín in Pamplona for my level 2 class so that we could use the preterite in a meaningful context.  What I ended up creating instead was an activity for my level 1 class.  Here is the Power Point:

running of the bulls basic info

Here is a nice graphic with facts about the run:

Here are mp3 recordings of songs from San Fermín that I used in my Power Point:

Barbara Kuczun Nelson’s fabulous site has a San Fermín unit to practice the preterite and imperfect:

Information about the gigantes, cabezudos, and kilikis in English:

Information in English and Spanish, including rules for the runners:

Annual poster contest winners as part of a San Fermín publicity campaign, very cool

Publicity related to San Fermín

TIME magazine article in English, quite informative,8599,1908948,00.html

I finally got around to writing a little running of the bulls story in the past tenses for level 2.  The first time we read it, it was to review the preterite and introduce a few verbs they hadn’t seen.  The next time we will focus on the imperfect tense verbs I highlighted in green.

mi experiencia en san fermin

Here are blog posts fore teaching about San Fermín:

You can also search the resources at to find teacher-created activities. You have to join to access the resources, but it is free.




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2 Responses to Running of the Bulls

  1. desaruby says:

    Thanks for your awesome ideas! I just got back from the Fiesta de San Fermin and so want to do something wiith my students this year!

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