Celia Cruz, Cuba, Salsa, Carnaval

I have started work on my Celia Cruz lessons to work with the preterite in level 2.  I plan to use it again when we start the imperfect tense to describe what life was like for Celia when she was growing up in Cuba.  I’m going to use my blog to bookmark pages and write notes as I go along.















http://menzelphoto.peripix.com/search/?si=14627&so=0&dt=list&od=insert_date%7Cdesc (Material World book)



Cuba que lindos son tus paisajes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IktMkfFT86I

Por si acaso no regreso (a Cuba) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mmUfSl-zqM

The Celia Cruz theme could go in so many directions–Cuban history, Jose Marti, art and Wilfredo Lam, salsa and the African son, Nicolas Guillen, Cuban food, Cuban athletes, and the list goes on….

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2 Responses to Celia Cruz, Cuba, Salsa, Carnaval

  1. The unit that Barbara Cartford presented at Central States in Indianapolis and at NTPRS in St. Louis is now posted on her website: http://web.me.com/barbaracartford/Culture_Based_TPR_Storytelling/Cuba_Culture_Unit.html
    She was honored with the Percy Fearing Award for Outstanding Curriculum by the Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures. It’s a perfect example of what I call “Content-Based Storytelling (CBS)”. She uses this unit the in elementary (4th and 5th grade beginning FLES) as well as with secondary students.

  2. senorab72 says:

    Thank you, Janice. I have that link in a previous post of mine. It is a good lesson, but I think I am only thing that I am going to use from her lesson is the children’s book she used. Everything else will be my own creation. I’ll share my lessons here as I get them done.

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