Photos for IB Language B

Now that the International Baccalaureate has changed the test for 2013 for Language B, teachers are responsible for finding photographs to use in class for practice as well as photos to use in the indvidual oral internal assessment.  I’ve been collecting websites that have photos in hopes of finding some good photos to use for Spanish.  I can’t guarantee you’d find the perfect photos, but here is what I have so far:

news stories in pictures There’s an interesting photo called “The Mine” in Guatemala

photos of Spain

Canarias 7 Galeria

BBC Mundo Video y Fotos

Mexico photo gallery

5 Card Flickr: Choose 5 randomly generated photos and write a story using them

NPR photo blog, can search for specific country or topic

travel blog photos from around the world

photos of unusual things

great photos at Click on “Fotografias del mundo”

Zachary Jones has great photos, keep clicking on the link to past photos to look at them all

Photo essays on a foreign policy e-magazine, has some related to Spanish, it looks interesting

Banco de imagenes y sonidos (sitio para educacion del gobierno de España)

CAPL Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon
(The creator of this site won at award for it at ACTFL in Denver.)

Advertisements from around the world click on a photo and it takes you information in Spanish and to more photos like this of La Boca in Buenos Aires

do a Google image search for the book “Where Children Sleep”

photos of homes and possessions around the world

photos of families around the world and the food they eat

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