El manifestante: Persona del año 2011

Time magazine named the protester their 2011 person of the year.  I think this would make a good lesson for an upper level class, great for an IB class.  Zachary Jones has a daily photo vocab word, and here is the one for the Time magazine cover, as well as other photos that he has depicting protests and protesters. 



http://zachary-jones.com/photovocab/spanish-word-of-day-tag/cuello/feed/ (This one is my favorite!  I think it would make a great photo for an IB individual oral.)

There’s been protesting everywhere, from Occupy Wall Street to the Middle East to Russia.  Scholastic magazine’s latest edition of “El Sol” has an article about the protest movement in Spain called M15 that took place on May 15 this year, and it looks like there was another on October 15.  An image search at www.google.es brings up amazing photos.  They are calling it the Spanish Revolution.  In one photo, a protester in the Puerta del Sol has a sign that says, “If the police show up, take out grapes and pretend.”  Very amusing cultural reference. 🙂

Here’s a photo blog of protests around the world: ttp://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/photobooth/2011/12/twelve-months-of-protest.html

The lesson could lead to talk about the Madres de Plaza de Mayo in Argentina, or the Damas de Blanco in Cuba.  Some Mafalda comics might tie in, as well. http://cubamatinal.es/__oneclick_uploads/2011/11/mafalda.jpg

Some discussion questions could include:

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