Integrated Performance Assessment

Since I stopped giving traditional paper-pencil tests, I replaced them with the Integrated Performance Assessment.  I bought the IPA manual from ACTFL, but my best source of information has been handouts by Paul Sandrock that I found online. 

So far I am focusing mainly on Spanish I.  I feel good about the assessments that I’ve created for the most part, though I have some changes to make.  I am using the textbook listening and reading texts for the interpretive mode, though I think authentic materials are the ideal.  I am going to include an IPA in this post for a unit in Spanish I about describing people.  The interpersonal oral they had wasn’t a very natural conversation; I’d like to improve it somehow.  I worry so much about  their feeling stressed about the orals that I let them practice a lot with a partner in class, and I usually let them converse with that same partner for their assessment, so it is too rehearsed.  I need to give them random partners.  The other issue is that I am still trying to operate within the themes in the textbook in order to stay in keeping with my colleagues, and I am finding that textbooks are just not all that compatible with natural communication.  In level 1 the students have only done written presentational assessments, but all of their interpersonal assessments (3 so far) have been oral.  I have 107 Spanish I students, so listening to each one give a presentational assessment would be time consuming.  I’ll have to work on how to resolve that without listening to tons of recordings outside of school.  When designing my unit, I wrote my learning outcomes based on the 3 modes of communication and proficiency guidelines, then developed assessments around them.  Am I doing this right?  Not sure yet. 🙂

Proficiency Target:  Novice Low-Mid  I can . . .

  • Have a brief conversation in which I describe people based on their physical and personality traits and the clothing they are wearing. (National Standard 1.1)
  • Understand spoken or written descriptions of people. (1.2)
  • Describe myself and others and compare myself with others orally or in writing. (1.3)

U1E2 level 1 post assessment (interpretive listening and reading)

U1E2 personal information interpersonal oral


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3 Responses to Integrated Performance Assessment

  1. cecilelaine says:

    Really enjoyed reading as I am developing my IPAs. Would love to know if you have made progress in this area since this post?

    • senorab72 says:

      I switched schools since I posted about IPA’s, and at my old school I was creating IPA’s that aligned with the textbook “En Espanol.” Now I teach AP Spanish Language, and the test is an IPA, so we do all the parts of an IPA every unit.

  2. Lil says:

    Which textbook do you use? I’m looking for IPAs that align with the Realidades textbook.

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