Since I’ve starting this new approach to teaching, we are about 4 weeks behind where I’d usually be with the material.  On one hand this is not bothering me because I like the results I’m seeing, but on the other hand, I feel like we should be farther along.  My old grammarian ways are telling me we should be able to burn through the material faster.  Maybe rote memorization is much quicker to get through than authentic communication.  I think I could go a little faster, but the fact that everything is new for me this year is slowing us down.  Yet I still wonder from time to time whether I’m doing the right thing.  What is really looming over my head is sending them along to a different teacher next year.  I hope I’m doing the right thing for my students.

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One Response to Pacing

  1. Remember that it’s not how much the teacher “covers”, it’s what the students understand, internalize and are able to apply.

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