How I plan a unit of study

How I plan a unit of study (based on McTighe and Wiggins’ Understanding by Design):

  1. Start with the theme (from the textbook or one I choose, depending on my constraints)
  2. Write enduring understanding(s) and essential questions
  3. Determine learning goals using: (a) the national standards–particularly the 3 modes of communication and culture; and (b) proficiency guidelines–using the Linguafolio self assessment grid or Concordia Language Villages self assessment grid
  4. Write integrated performance assessment to reflect the learning goals
  5. Choose vocabulary and grammar structures needed to carry out the learning goals
  6. Prepare lesson activities that (a) have an emphasis on input (b) have a cultural context when possible (c) use language in context (for example, not teaching the forms of the verb “to be” then teaching noun-adjective agreement, but teaching them together to communicate a message)
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